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BOLD Capital Group, LLC (BOLD) invests in businesses and collaborates with management to help them build “their” business. Other firms may offer to invest and the next thing you know, THEY OWN YOUR BUSINESS! At BOLD we help you and your business by providing capital as well as utilizing our relationships we have developed in finance, capital markets, legal, management development, corporate communications and more. We’re here to help you from starting your business to growing it and improving it. Remember, it’s YOUR BUSINESS!

Helping Businesses Overcome Obstacles


BOLD is committed to delivering results that really matter to ensure its clients can thrive. There are no prescribed, cookie-cutter approaches. Instead, BOLD taps into the years of experience its experts possess and brings a practical know-how to all it does. 

Clients appreciate the exceptional results BOLD delivers, but what really resonates is the fashion in how the company does it — with skill, authenticity, attention to detail, thoughtfulness, a steadfast preference towards exceptional performance, and an unparalleled commitment to its clients success.



We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Whether a business is a start-up, an established one actively growing, trying to raise capital for a new venture, seeking to broaden banking relationships, looking to mitigate risk, be a beneficiary of an investment from BOLD, or just trying to bring the business to a higher level, BOLD’s team of experts are available to collaborate and help businesses achieve their goals.