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Robert Rodriguez

Managing Director

An accomplished executive with extensive experience in corporate finance, private equity, hedge fund, acquisitions, capital markets, EB-5 investments, mortgage, real estate, media, production, digital media, film and television. He is an executive with a 25-plus year career as a strategist, operator and brings a unique blend of creative passion and fiduciary diligence to every project. In Entertainment, he developed media funds with former associates like Ronald Shusett Productions (“Alien” and “Minority Report” fame), Tom Sherek former President of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and former President of Distribution for Disney and Bill Mechanic (former CEO and President of Fox Films. He specialized in and excelled in all aspects Media and Entertainment, including his time at Aldamisa Entertainment (Chef, Sin City 2 a Dame for a Kill, and Machete Kills) where he served as Chief Investment Officer – CIO, and at American United Media as Consultant to Investment and Acquisition Funds that also provide Equity, Debt, Gap and P & A for the Media sector. In the technology sector, his extensive experience is as an Executive working with product development technology departments at Sony, Intel, IBM, Philips, AMD, Microsoft, Samsung, Toshiba, Siemens, Seagate, and Texas Instruments.

As a former banker and Executive Vice President at Colonial National Bank Corp., he directed 16 Southern California Branches averaging 2 Billion in loan funding per year with his extensive experience of wholesale correspondent lending, retail mortgage lending, operation, and secondary markets. He also was one of the founders of ABS Systems and one of the largest Billion dollar online retailers in North America.