Portfolio of Investments
& Consulting Services


Real Estate Investment: RockyRecovery Two, LLC

October 2021


Seed Capital

June 2020

Administrative & Consulting Services

May 2020

Angel Seed Funding

April 2020

Fund I Equity Investment

March 2020

Financing Consulting Services
Working Capital Line of Credit Established

February 2020


Founder Equity Investment

January 2020


Content distribution platform available for producers of content to distribute directly to a worldwide audience; includes advanced tracking mechanisms

December 2019


Series B Preferred Equity Investment

November 2019


Series A Preferred Shares
Series D Preferred Shares

June 2018

Founder Equity Investment
Fund One Lead Investor
Legal Consulting Services
Event Planning & Promotion
Board Membership


Founder Equity Investment
Follow-up Equity
Legal Counsel
Consulting Services
Marketing & Social Media
Executed Over 110 Live Events