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Investments & Client Services

Founder Equity Investment 2014
Follow-up Equity
Legal Counsel & Advisory Services
Marketing & Social Media
Executed Over 110 Live Events



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Founder Equity Investment 2015
Fund One Lead Investor
Legal Advisory Services
Event Planning & Promotion
Board Membership

Content distribution platform available for producers of content to distribute directly to a worldwide audience; includes advanced tracking mechanisms


Angel Seed Funding


April 2020


Financing Advisory Services
Working Capital Line of Credit Established

February 2020

$200,00 Fund I Equity Investment


March 2020

$100,000 Equity Investment
Bank Relations
Branding & Marketing Services
Technology & Operational Support

Series A Preferred Shares
Series D Preferred Shares


June 2018

Start-Up Capital
Marketing & Advisory Services for Events

April 2020

Administrative, Advisory & Consulting Services

May 2020

Series B Equity Investment

November 2019